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CocktailSGD: Fine-tuning foundation models over 500Mbps networks

April 24, 2023


Jue Wang, Binhang Yuan, Luka Rimanic, Yongjun He, Tri Dao, Beidi Chen, Christopher Re, Ce Zhang

Distributed training of foundation models, especially large language models (LLMs), is communication-intensive and so has heavily relied on centralized data centers with fast interconnects. Can we train on slow networks and unlock the potential of decentralized infrastructure for foundation models? In this paper, we propose CocktailSGD, a novel communication-efficient training framework that combines three distinct compression techniques -- random sparsification, top-K sparsification, and quantization -- to achieve much greater compression than each individual technique alone. We justify the benefit of such a hybrid approach through a theoretical analysis of convergence. Empirically, we show that CocktailSGD achieves up to 117x compression in fine-tuning LLMs up to 20 billion parameters without hurting convergence. On a 500Mbps network, CocktailSGD only incurs ∼1.2x slowdown compared with data center networks.

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Q: Should I use the RedPajama-V2 Dataset out of the box?

RedPajama-V2 is conceptualized as a pool of data that serves as a foundation for creating high quality datasets. The dataset is thus not intended to be used out of the box and, depending on the application, data should be filtered out using the quality signals that accompany the data. With this dataset, we take the view that the optimal filtering of data is dependent on the intended use. Our goal is to provide all the signals and tooling that enables this.

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